Ground Mounting

Ground solar mounting are usually utility-scale solar power plants. Ground PV systems are the best solutions for consumers with small spaces but high energy demands. NCNF technical team will assess the location of your ground solar mounting system from all aspects before recommending a customized solution. We stay committed to proposing a quality solution that caters to your needs while meeting safety and regulatory requirements.

Roof Mounting

Solar panel installation on residential or non-residential buildings is a logical development. There is plenty of available space on the roof and if large enough, additional profitable functions can be realized. NCNF is one of the pioneers in the field of roof mounting systems, offering different solutions depending on the project. NCNF's solar mounting for roofs have been designed with careful consideration for roof and wind load, ensuring that they meet the highest safety standards.

BIPV Mounting

Design considerations for BIPV systems must include the building's use and electrical loads, its location and orientation, and the appropriate building and safety codes. NCNF leads the most advanced BIPV technology. The BIPV solution greatly cuts off the installation time and lower the cost, and modules can be naturally blended into the design of the building, creating a harmonious architecture.

Solar Tracker

NCNF develops customized solutions for both single-axis and dual-axis solar tracking systems. Our team of engineers has over 10 years of experience in construction, mechanical and electrical engineering and industrial design, guaranteeing the quality and durability of the systems. As a leading global manufacturer and supplier of solar mounting systems, we have adequate experience and influence to deliver efficient solar tracking system solutions.